About The Book

Shoonyam is an unembodied Genie!

Today life is led on the circumference; barely aware of the space within-and the centre of it all is of course, nowhere in sight! Mind blossoms when it stops roving and starts rooting itself in absolute emptiness; this is Shoonyam-ness. The singular yet omnipresent point in time and space which births possibilities; an elusive yet elementary state of being in which your entire universe can disappear and re-appear at will. All you need to do is centre yourself and get lost in it, only to find it all.

Shoonyam is the re-discovered ancient wisdom of transformation-of mind, of body and of soul. A powerful ideology that helps you transcend beyond the incomplete western concepts of intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, physical quotient amongst others, floating around attempting to offer an illusion of control over ones’ self and the world. Mickey’s Shoonyam Quotient teleports the reader to a world of Shoonyam-ness of the soul, awaiting release and celebration in this human form!

The book shows you how to discover your Shoonyam Quotient and re-design the life that you have always dreamt of living but have been unable to; it will empower you with life altering insights to choreograph your change-and transcend into Shoonyam-ness!

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