The Portal to realize your Infinium Potential!

Dr. Mickey Mehta's new book The Shoonyam Quotient is an ode to Aryabhata's Legacy!

In 500 AD, the world was gifted the portal to infinity by Aryabhata in form of ZERO
In 2017, the world will rediscover the power of Shoonyam!


The Portal to realize your Infinium Potential!

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Unveiling the Power of 'Shoonyam!'

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Download the first 2 chapters of The Shoonyam Quotient right now and begin your journey towards Shoonyam-ness today. Read the first two thought provoking chapters of this book by Dr. Mickey Mehta today, before you buy your own copy!

The Shoonyam Quotient book is available on Amazon India but you can get an
exclusive preview of the book right here!

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Who Should Read This Book

For executives who seek wisdom beyond knowledge

For Students who dream bold dreams to change this world

For the youth that desires to disrupt the competition

For men & women who nurture families towards holistic development

For visionaries who aspire to change the world with their legacy

For practioners who are passionate about healing beyond curing

For soldiers who manifest harmony between fitness and wellness

For creators who love to transcend the horizons of possibilities & limitations

Reasons To Read

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